Two Industry Leaders Strengthen Their Alliance and Capability

AWT Environmental Services and Summit Drilling have a proven-effective site remediation solution that provides environmental consultants with unequaled efficiency and results

A lot of teams look good on paper, but when tested in the field can fall short of expectations. That’s exactly why AWT and Summit took the time necessary to validate their performance. From operational alignment and costing, to field services and safety, this alliance has tested their teams on several projects with very exciting results.

“This was no flash-in-the-pan idea,” states Pete Postorino, President of AWT Environmental Services. “Our company has worked hard for many years to establish the capabilities we have and the trust we’ve earned from our customers. So, evaluating our business culture and behaviors for alignment with Summit was just as important as the high-level services we can now deliver as a combined solution. I’m very happy to say that we are 100% onboard and believe that this alliance will represent measurable efficiencies for our customers and result in very positive experiences overall,” concludes Mr. Postorino.

AWT and Summit have demonstrated their teaming approach on several remediation projects in 2019. “Remediation is a contact sport,” states Baxter Duffy, Division Manager of Drilling & In-Situ Injection. “The key to successful remediation lies both in the selection of proper remedial materials and designing the injection program in a manner that contact with the subsurface contaminant is maximized,” adds Mr. Duffy. In each case of the work completed together, they experienced fewer days in the field than anticipated and achieved greater than expected results due to the quality and execution level of each discipline.

The services offered by Summit Drilling and AWT Environmental are highly-complimentary but can still be extended to customers individually with no change in how customers work with them today. However, for certain types of remediation requirements, combining the primary strengths of each company is proving to be advantageous for the environmental consultants tasked with accomplishing these sizable projects as efficiently as possible. “We’re encouraged to see the type of results we were getting in the field from a drilling perspective”, states Bob Kreilick, CEO of Summit Drilling. “We’ve been successfully completing complex sites utilizing the latest in sonic technology for a number of years. The confirmation came when we learned that AWT was achieving far greater results due to the quality of the injection wells we were installing. At a time when remediation and site closure efficiency are the priority, it’s clear that our success as a combined team is right on time,” concludes Mr. Kreilick.

Stay tuned for more information about this strategic alliance, project reference site data and industry presentations highlighting this new capability.