Summit Drilling and AWT Environmental Services demonstrate their site remediation capability providing their environmental consultant client with unequaled efficiency and results

Project Description: Summit Drilling and AWT Environmental Services were awarded a large project requiring the drilling and installation of 72 monitoring and injection wells, a soil vapor extraction system and an air sparge system on a heavily wooded site. A majority of the wells had a target depth of approximately 70 ft. bgs.

Recommended Approach:  Unique challenges resulting from the characteristics of the site, made the selection of the Summit/AWT Alliance a beneficial decision. Site preparation and clearing was required in order to establish efficient access to the well locations. In addition, 3 feet of surface soil was removed to allow for the installation of the remediation system piping. Utilizing sonic drilling technology, each borehole was continuously logged to identify and properly select exact screen intervals.

The site geology consisted of a glacial till with large cobbles and boulders. The selected drilling technology proved to be highly effective in this difficult geologic formation. Adding to the complexity of drilling and subsequent well installation, the remediation system design called for nested well construction. In a highly coordinated effort, drilling was safely and efficiently completed by the Summit/AWT team, enabling the installation of the air sparge and vapor extraction systems.

Results: The original project schedule allowed 42 days for the installation of the well field. The Summit Drilling team completed the drilling scope of work in just 20 days by skillfully managing multiple sonic rigs. Following completion of the installation of the well field, AWT installed the air sparge and vapor extraction systems to customers specifications.

Stay tuned for more information about this strategic alliance, project reference site data and industry presentations highlighting this new capability.