Summit Drilling Finds Veterans to be Important Asset for Company

Summit Drilling provides environmental consultants and engineering firms with a wide platform of drilling and injection services. From the drilling and installation of monitoring wells that enable subsurface investigation of ground water, to geotechnical soil borings that confirm bedrock in a broad range of geologies, Summit relies most on it’s greatest asset – it’s people.

Like many aspects of military operations, it can be very tough work that requires specially trained teams to operate highly technical and sophisticated equipment – in conditions that are often difficult.

Success in the field is dependent on many factors. Training, teamwork, real-time situational analysis, communications, safety, equipment and a personal commitment to doing the job right, are all important factors in accomplishing the objective.

Summit Drilling has always valued the commitment, training, talent and character associated with our country’s military veterans. They currently employ military veterans representing the Marine Corp., Air Force, Coast Guard and Army/National Guard. Continuing it’s support of veterans, Summit is actively participating with a Veterans Transition Assistance organization named Bridging The Gap to add additional talent to their roster.

“This unique program is a win-win opportunity”, states Tory Donnelly, president of Summit Drilling. “One of the challenges in our industry is identifying and hiring team members who will thrive in this vocation. The qualities we find in military veterans is congruent with what is needed to perform this type of work successfully”, continues Donnelly. “We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Bridging the Gap and sharing a mission to provide opportunities to the people who have so bravely served our great country.”

Nick DelVecchio, Summit’s Corporate Buyer and former U.S. Marine, added, “You go in at a very young age and grow up there. You come out more mature and with a sense of how to approach things. You have strong attention to detail. You learn to be punctual, accountable and very disciplined … to have pride in what you do.”

Denis Crayon, CHST and Director of Health and Safety for Summit Drilling, who served in the U.S. Air Force, summed up how key aspects of his military experience have translated/helped him:

Discipline. First and foremost, this is one of the hardest assets to learn and to develop but indispensable for growing up.

Responsibility. Show up on time and be prepared for the day and tasks ahead. 

Respect. Show respect to superiors and team members. Disrespect was not tolerated. No individual is greater than the team.

Training. On-the-job training-to become proficient in my job. Being trained by those who came before me was all-important and showed the need for continuity in any operation.

Recognition. Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. It can oftentimes provide motivation when money can’t be offered.

Accountability. No excuses. You’re trained what to do, how to do it, provided with the tools and equipment to perform, and an expected timeline to complete. 

Mission. Having a mission provided focus for all involved and brought about camaraderie. Knowing the roles others played toward mission accomplishment was all-important.

Bridging the Gap is veteran owned, 503 (c)(3) non-profit that has built a very effective process for helping military vets integrate into a civilian workforce. Their system works in partnership with vet friendly employers and has proven to be more effective than veterans searching through traditional and highly competitive job postings, staffing companies, newspaper ads and job fairs.