Summit Drilling Achieves 7th Consecutive Governor’s Health & Safety Award

An unwavering culture of safety is at the core of Summit Drilling’s ongoing record of success

Summit Drilling, one of the Northeast’s fastest growing environmental services companies, is once again honored as one of the region’s safest operators. Director of Health and Safety, Denis Crayon, accepted a well-deserved Recognition Award at the 2014 Governor’s Annual Occupational Safety and Health Awards Program. This award is presented to organizations with an outstanding safety record throughout 2013 and considered a pillar of achievement in the prevention of workplace injury and illness for 86 years.

“The Health & Safety program we’ve developed at Summit Drilling continues to produce extraordinary results. We believe that it has become one of the most recognized in the northeastern region and a model program for environmental contractors”, states Denis Crayon, Summit’s Director of Health & Safety. “Our consistent investment in training and ongoing reinforcement of safe practices has become our corporate culture. The sharing of our progress and statistics with field personnel, our operations team and our clients, has brought a high level of understanding about our program to all stakeholders.”

If you would like to learn more about Summit Drilling’s Health & Safety program, it’s Loss Prevention System performance, Safety Performance Observations, Near Loss Reporting and Job Safety Analysis, call 800-242-6648 and speak with Denis Crayon. Denis is also the president of Experience Safety Institute, an independent Health & Safety training firm.

Regular Health & Safety meetings at Summit Drilling are always open to industry colleagues, environmental consultants, engineering firms and contractor/partners supporting the environmental investigation industry. If you would like to attend a weekly meeting, we recommend that you call in advance to register. Thank you.