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Summit draws over 100 industry consultants to get an up close look at the latest sonic technology

Consultants witnessed an impressive sonic demonstration featuring our newly delivered Large Roto-Sonic crawler MRS-50K. With the most powerful sonic head in the industry, our new MRS-50K efficiently produced two soil samples easily penetrating bedrock. Consultants and project managers gathered around the samples for a closer look followed by an informative Q&A. We were pleased and honored to have clients who traveled from as far as Washington DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania. We feel their effort to attend our event and invest their valuable time, was a testament to the strong interest sonic technology. Our demonstration and results experienced in the field are validating sonic as a leading technology within the environmental market.

Sonic Drilling Demo

Sonic Drilling

Sonic drilling is a safe, clean and low-impact drilling technique. Boreholes are drilled, cored and cased by rotating and vibrating the rod, core barrel and casing at resonant sonic frequencies. It is outstanding in its ability to provide continuous, undisturbed core samples through any geological formation – even the most-difficult-to-drill terrain with boulders

This highly efficient drilling method results in overall project cost savings for Summit Drilling customers due to a reduction in time personnel are required to be in the field. In addition, sonic drilling generates considerably less drill spoils than auger, mud or air rotary methods, saving additional project resources.

Sonic drilling delivers many benefits, including:

  • Safety
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • 70-80% Less Waste
  • Depths to 100’
  • Diameters of 6” and 8” for 2” and 4” well installation
  • Superior Results

Summit’s Sonic Rig is custom built and is completely engineered to maximize the performance of this Compact-Roto-Sonic technology – it’s not a probe rig with a sonic head on it.

  • The high-speed, cylinder assisted chain feed system assures high daily footage rates, the correct forces on your drilling tools and a safe, hands-free work environment.
  • The breakout system is the safest and most efficient available… no wrenches, no hands and no accidents.
  • The wide, soft rubber track undercarriage is both all-terrain and difficult access capable.
  • There are two speed ranges for careful placement or easy walk-behind.

For dimensions, capabilities and brief notations on the use of Sonic Drilling, and our other equipment, click here.