Soil Excavation Services

Environmental consultants who are responsible for contaminated soil excavation require several key qualities and contributions from their contractor partners to ensure a successful and compliant project. Not all contractors however are created equal. At Summit and SAEDACCO, our divisional leaders distinguish themselves through decades of remediation experience. That knowledge contributes to each phase of a project. It is extended in the training of our project managers and our field crews. It serves as the foundation of our processes and is evident in every successful project we deliver.

As a “go-to” source for soil excavation services, our customers count on us for:

• Regulatory Compliance Knowledge – including federal, state, and local regulations governing contaminated soil handling, transportation, and disposal.

• Experience and Geographic Reach – Summit and SAEDACCO have a proven track record of handling soil excavation projects across multiple industries up and down the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States. Their estimators, project managers and field teams are expertly coordinated and contribute from the project approach through site closure.

• Health & Safety Protocols – safety is a central focus of our operational culture and has been a core commitment for decades. Few project types are more deserving of strict safety protocols than large and deep soil excavations. With a high level of health and safety training, Summit prioritizes the safety of its workers and the surrounding community during the excavation process. All Summit field teams are OSHA trained and medically monitored. Each possess a TWIC card required to work on many customer sites. Health and safety is synonymous with the Summit brand.

• Sampling – effective soil sampling requires close collaboration with customers. Choosing the right field equipment,
tooling, and boring locations is vital in achieving clean, undisturbed, and accurate samples safely. Summit works in partnership with its customer’s field professionals and consistently receives high marks for their efforts, adherence to safety protocols, and overall performance.

• Equipment and Technology – having the right equipment and technology for soil excavation, transport, and disposal is essential. Summit and SAEDACCO leverage the right mix of both equipment and technology to minimize dust, control emissions, and ensure efficient and safe soil removal.

• Waste Management – working with our customers and partners developing a well-defined plan for transporting and disposing of contaminated soil results in the most effective and efficient way to execute this work in accordance with regulatory requirements. Summit relies on its experience and emphasis on customer communication to consistently deliver exceptional experiences.

At Summit and SAEDACCO, our experience, adaptability, and strong problem-solving skills help us mitigate the challenges that can emerge unexpectedly with soil excavations. Through enhanced communication and collaboration with customers, industry knowledge and expertise, and health and safety culture, we contribute measurably to the overall success of contaminated soil excavation projects.

For more information on our multi-faceted services approach, email our VP of Sales, Dave Prendergast at You can also use our convenient “Start-a-Project” page to provide details about your scope of work and upload reference documents. A Summit representative will respond promptly.

Soil Excavation Services

Summit and SAEDACCO bring more than 30 years of remediation experience to support the needs of environmental consultants, Licensed Site Remediation Professionals(LSRPs) and consulting engineers up and down the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

Our capabilities are multifaceted and include:
• Soil Excavation
• Remediation Systems Installations & Fabrication
• Groundwater Management and Treatment
• Landfill Restoration, Capping & Stabilization
• UST/AST Removal
• Shoreline Stabilization
• Demolition