Shoreline Stabilization Services

As the coastal regions of America experience stronger and more frequent storms, the stabilization of these treasured areas have become a far more frequent and consistent focus of concern. Summit’s remediation professionals stand ready to support engineers and environmental consultants with contracting services to help maintain the stability of our shorelines and the surrounding infrastructure. The impact of natural forces, such as waves, currents, and powerful storms are requiring our customers to design sophisticated engineering solutions. To support the installation, repair, or maintenance of these systems, they turn to Summit.

Our Shoreline Stabilization services include:
• Site Assessment Assistance
• Permitting and Compliance Assistance
• Erosion Control Structure Installation
• Living Shorelines & Riparian Buffer Planting
• Bulkhead Installation and, or Repair
• Bioengineering (Coir logs, geotextiles, or other natural materials to stabilize slopes)
• Seawall Construction and or Repair
• Stormwater Management

Summit’s Shoreline Stabilization professionals work in collaboration with environmental scientist, engineers, and regulatory authorities to support the need for costal stabilization and environmental preservation. We are proud to join with our customers to help protect and maintain coastal areas and the ecological integrity of our shorelines.

For more information on our multi-faceted services approach, email our VP of Sales, Dave Prendergast at You can also use our convenient “Start-a-Project” page to provide details about your scope of work and upload reference documents. A Summit representative will respond promptly.

Shoreline Stabilization Services

Summit and SAEDACCO bring more than 30 years of remediation experience to support the needs of environmental consultants, Licensed Site Remediation Professionals(LSRPs) and consulting engineers up and down the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

Our capabilities are multifaceted and include:
• Soil Excavation
• Remediation Systems Installations & Fabrication
• Groundwater Management and Treatment
• Landfill Restoration, Capping & Stabilization
• UST/AST Removal
• Shoreline Stabilization
• Demolition