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Additional Drilling Services

Barge/Over-Water Drilling

Summit Drilling has extensive experience with over-water drilling. In fact, we have deployed our industry-leading roto-sonic rigs and specialized tooling on barges in shallow bays, lakes, and rivers. Over-water drilling requires a team of exceptional drillers, and the Summit team has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to complete projects safely and efficiently.

Over- water drilling also requires special consideration for safety planning, attention to details and requires an extremely stable platform. Summit works with trusted marine partners to provide reliable drilling operations even in challenging and unpredictable conditions.

If you have a project requiring over-water drilling, call Summit and speak with one of our seasoned project managers. We’ll share our knowledge, recommendations, and unequalled talent in the field to ensure you achieve high quality results and An Exceptional Experience.

Sand, Gravel, and Stone Quarry Drilling

Summit Drilling supports large quarry and test pit owners with expert coring services. Geotechnical drilling and sampling of aggregate materials determines material location and volume, two critical factors in terms of excavation planning and cost estimating.

Summit’s provides reliable core sampling that is used to determine the thickness of aggregate beds, as well as the amount of overburden present. Cores can be studied to determine the volume of materials for excavating. At the same time, core samples will help determine the amount of vegetation and topsoil covering the material beds. Ideal locations will have high volumes of a desired aggregate material with lower depths of overburden to remove prior to excavation.

To ensure maximum uptime, Summit proactively maintains all equipment through their internal Fleet Maintenance and Management Division. This ensures our field crews can execute targeted amounts of core drilling per day with minimal to no disruption. If you need a proven team to help you with the assessment and growth of your quarry or sand pit operation, call Summit Drilling today at 800-242-6648 and speak with one of our Senior Project Managers. We will quickly review your needs and get back to you promptly with a competitive proposal.